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"The trip was outstanding. To experience the Amazon and its culture was worth the trip in itself. I would go back in a heartbeat!" B. Hecker, NBA Coach

About Us

Big Amazon Fish® is the premier and trusted outfitter for taking you to the secret spots of the Amazon.TM

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you to big fish and extraordinary experiences [in the secret spots of the Amazon].

What to Expect

  • Catch 5-20 fish/day (record=104)
  • Catch big peacock bass (unofficial record=30lb)
  • Catch 5-12 other unique exotic species of fish
  • Experience the culture and meet new people
  • Experience the rainforest jungle
  • Be inspired 

Our Vision

Our vision is to give you the enriching opportunity to experience the rainforest jungle, to catch big fish, to learn the culture from local villagers, and to take action on inspiration.TM

We create an adventurous atmosphere where you can inspire, or be inspired; thrill, or be thrilled; change, or be changed, for the better.TM

Our Team

The Big Amazon Fish® team works closely with our regional partners, trusted outfitters, and guides in the Amazon to bring you the most amazing vacation on the planet.  Join us on our next adventure.

Our Culture

Thank you for choosing Big Amazon Fish®.  Since 2005, we have created a culture of fun, adventure, and giving back.  We believe that with proper preparation, our guests will have a trip of a lifetime and experience the desire to inspire, or be inspired; to thrill, or be thrilled; to change, or be changed, for the better.TM

With these principles, we founded the Fishin' with a Mission® program (five days of fishin' and one day of humanitarian mission).  As a result, for those who choose this experience, our guests have the opportunity to recognize a need, inspire others, and do something about it (in a sustainable and meaningful way).TM

Contact Us

  • Call 1-877-921-3474
  • Ben [@] BigAmazonFish [.] net
  • Join our email list
  • Chat online with us (or leave a message)

Partner with Us

Photo: Ben Nolte and Naldo Esteves.

Ben and Naldo are the original partners of Big Amazon Fish® and are working diligently to hook you up with the best fishing and jungle experiences in the Amazon.

Our Culture

Photo: Kelsey & Ben Nolte.

We create a culture of fun, adventure, and giving back. Where will you have your next 'jaw-droppin'' experience?

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